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In the competitive arena of sports events, the stakes are high and the expectations even higher. Fans crave excitement, sponsors seek impact, and as organisers we aim for seamless execution. Revel Fusion steps into this dynamic world to transform the sports event experience into something unforgettable.

From the initial buzz of ticket sales to the post-event euphoria, every touchpoint is an opportunity to engage, excite, and exceed expectations. We're not just about filling seats or selling tickets; we're about creating an electric atmosphere that resonates with each roar of the crowd.

With our innovative suite of tools, your sports event can leap beyond the boundaries of the field. Score a win for your team, your sponsors, and most importantly, your fans. Let's kick off a new era of sports events together.

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Optimise Revenue Streams

Capitalise On Every Moment

Sporting events are the heartbeat of amateur athletics, bringing together communities and fostering a spirit of competition and camaraderie. Yet, they also hold untapped potential for revenue generation that extends far beyond the entry fee. How can you, as an event organiser, unlock this potential and provide additional value to your participants and their families?

Accommodations Offering: For multi-day events or those attracting out-of-town participants, negotiate discounts with local hotels or B&Bs. Offer these deals as part of the registration process, making it convenient for attendees and adding a commission-based revenue stream for your event.

Accommodating your participants doesn't need to add to your workload. Revel Fusion can orchestrate the entire process, partnering with local hotels and B&Bs to secure special rates for your event attendees.

Memorable Merchandise: Capitalise on the sentiment of the event by offering participants and their supporters a range of bespoke merchandise. From event-branded apparel to personalised performance gear, these items not only serve as tangible mementos but also as a source of additional revenue.

If sourcing and managing merchandise seems daunting, let Revel Fusion provide a turnkey solution. We handle everything from creation to sales, delivering an effortless revenue stream to you. Your focus can remain on the event - we'll take care of the rest, ensuring you reap the benefits without the hassle.

Exclusive Experience Upgrades: Provide options for premium experiences like preferred parking, VIP seating, or post-event receptions with notable personalities from the sport. These can be offered as add-ons during the online registration.

Training Programs and Clinics: Partner with local coaches or athletes to offer pre-event training sessions or clinics. These can serve as both a preparation tool and a revenue booster.

Family Entertainment Zones: Set up areas with activities for families and spectators that can be accessed with a small fee. Include fun games, face painting, and other family-friendly activities to keep everyone entertained.

Post-Event Content: Sell access to post-event content such as video highlights, professional photos of the event, or recordings of any ceremonies or speeches.

By implementing these strategies, you create a robust ecosystem that not only enhances the participant's experience but also significantly boosts your event's revenue streams. Your event becomes not just a day of competition, but a comprehensive experience that offers something valuable for every attendee.

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Championing Green Initiatives: Crafting Eco-Friendly Events

Elevating Experiences While Protecting the Planet

In the vibrant landscape of sporting events, the green revolution is taking center stage. As we celebrate the spirit of competition and community, there lies an inherent responsibility to minimise environmental impact. Embracing this ethos, we introduce strategic measures designed to reduce waste and promote sustainability, without compromising on the dynamic experiences these events promise.

Gone are the days of printed schedules and brochures that turn into post-event litter. Revel Fusion's digital transition isn't just about going paperless; it's a conscious step towards ecological stewardship. By shifting to digital platforms for event schedules, participant guides, and maps, we not only eliminate the need for excessive printing but also offer real-time updates and interactive content at the attendees' fingertips. This approach not only enhances attendee convenience and engagement but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices.

Unleash the Power of Engagement

In sports, every second on the clock is an opportunity for engagement. Revel Fusion brings that same intensity to every aspect of your event management.

Pre-Game Hype: Don't wait for the whistle to start the excitement. Utilise our advanced marketing tools to ignite anticipation with pre-game stats, participants profiles, and exclusive content. Create a build-up that ensures fans are engaged well before the event day.

In-Game Interaction: Amplify the live experience with interactive features like in-event polls, live media feeds, and real-time updates. Keep the momentum high, even during downtimes, turning passive viewers into active participants.

Post-Game Connection: The buzz doesn't have to die down with the final whistle. Continue the conversation with highlights, photos, videos, analysis, and fan-generated content. Keep the spirit alive until the next event.

Maximised Sponsor Impact: Give your sponsors the visibility they deserve. Our targeted advertising system ensures sponsors connect with the right demographic, delivering their message effectively and powerfully.

Streamlined Operations: Behind the scenes, manage your event with military precision using our operational dashboard. Coordinate vendors, track logistics, and ensure that every element of the event is in top form.

With Revel Fusion, you're not just running a sports event; you're creating a fully integrated, immersive sports experience that scores on all fronts.

Maximising Value for Sponsors

Creating Impactful Partnerships in Every Play

For sports events, sponsors are invaluable players. They fuel the event, empower the athletes, and enhance the spectator experience. But in a sea of advertising, mere logos and banners no longer suffice. Today's sponsors are looking for tangible connections and measurable impacts that align with their brand values and resonate with their target audience. How do you make your event a beacon for such fruitful partnerships?

By leveraging the power of technology and data, we offer sponsors a deeper level of engagement and a clearer picture of their ROI. Revel Fusion's platform transforms sponsorship from a passive investment into an active tool for brand storytelling and customer interaction. We provide sponsors with innovative ways to showcase their products, whether through interactive fan zones, augmented reality experiences, or live demonstrations that captivate attention.

But it's not just about the spectacle—it's also about the story. Sponsors want to be part of the narrative of triumph, perseverance, and community that sports events weave so effortlessly. Through personalised content spots, we give sponsors the space to align their messaging with the event's story arc. They become part of the thrilling victories, the nail-biting moments, and the spirit of sportsmanship that unfolds.

By partnering with Revel Fusion, event organisers can promise sponsors a platform where their presence is impactful, their brand elevated, and their investment returned manifold. It's a collaboration that goes beyond the event—it's a partnership that lasts long after the final whistle blows..

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Precision is key in sports, and our real-time scheduling feature brings that same precision to your event's program. Whether it's heats, matches, or award ceremonies, attendees can effortlessly track the day's lineup.

Event Mobile App

Navigate the event landscape with ease using our intuitive mobile app. Designed for attendee convenience, it puts the power of personalisation in the palm of their hands. From creating personalised schedules to receiving real-time notifications, our mobile app ensures that your attendees stay informed, engaged, and connected at every turn.

Venue Maps

Gone are the days of confusing paper maps and aimless wandering. Our interactive venue maps guide attendees effortlessly, providing a bird's eye view of the event landscape. With real-time location services, they can find pitches, courts, stages, and meeting points without missing a beat, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event experience.

Customisable Forms

Capture the information that matters with customisable forms. Whether it's for registration, feedback, or live Q&A sessions, our adaptable forms fit every interaction. They're not just about gathering data—they're about opening a dialogue with attendees, making every voice heard and every detail counted.

Event Galleries

Capture the spirit and energy of your sporting event with immersive galleries. Our platform offers attendees a vibrant showcase of high-resolution images and videos, making it easy for them to relive their favorite moments and share them with friends.

Insights & Analytics

Our analytics enable your team to make data-driven decisions, from fine-tuning the event layout for optimal crowd movement to curating content that resonates with your audience.

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