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Crafting Anticipation and Aspiration

Weeks or even months before the event, your visitors and exhibitors are not merely securing a booth or a ticket. They're buying into a promise, a dream of the exceptional experiences and opportunities your event pledges to offer. Let's ensure that vision is not just met, but exceeded, every step of the way.

At Revel Fusion, we understand that the power of perception is monumental. That's why we're here to shape that dream into a tangible reality. Even before they step foot at your venue, allow them to embark on an immersive journey—right from their homes, offices, or even while they're in line for their morning coffee. By offering them tangible, interactive experiences, we ensure that the anticipation is not just built, but amplified, setting the stage for an event that's nothing short of extraordinary.

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Enage Your Audience
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A New Standard in Engagement

In today's industry landscape, events often receive the bare minimum: a logo display, a brief paragraph, and a website link. Is this truly the benchmark we're content with?

Exhibitors, akin to attendees, crave value from the moment they sign on. Their anticipation doesn't begin when they set up their booth—it starts the instant they confirm their participation.

Proactive Promotion: Give your exhibitors more than just a logo space. Offer them interactive digital showcases, allowing them to provide a sneak-peek of their offerings or even a behind-the-scenes look at their preparations.

Engaging Content Opportunities: From webinars to Q&A sessions, allow your exhibitors to share their expertise and create buzz before the event day.

Affiliate & Partnership Programs: Turn your exhibitors into partners, incentivising them to promote the event across their networks, broadening reach and enhancing their own visibility in the process.

At Revel Fusion, we reimagine this journey. We offer a myriad of avenues to keep exhibitors engaged, amplify their presence, and even transform them into enthusiastic ambassadors for your event.

When exhibitors thrive, so does your event. Let's set a new gold standard together.

Unlocking Hidden Revenue Streams

Boosting Engagement, Amplifying Opportunities

In an era defined by digital interactions and consumer-centric experiences, it's pivotal to weave in revenue-generating touchpoints throughout the exhibition journey. By elevating engagement levels, we create a fertile ground for upselling, providing holistic services, and offering unmatched value to sponsors.

Here's a curated list of opportunities to tap into:

Affiliate Accommodations: Partner with local hotels, lodges, or Airbnb hosts. Integrate their offerings seamlessly into your platform, ensuring attendees and exhibitors have their stay sorted while you earn a commission for each booking made.

Personalised Recommendations: With AI-driven insights, provide attendees and exhibitors bespoke suggestions - from workshops to attend, to specialized equipment they might be interested in. The more tailored the experience, the higher the conversion.

Exclusive Digital Content: Offer premium content like webinars, industry reports, or exclusive interviews. This can serve as both an engagement tool and a revenue generator.

Interactive Sponsored Sessions: Collaborate with sponsors for sessions where they can showcase their products or solutions. This not only adds value but is an additional selling point when securing sponsorships.

In-App Purchases: These can range from exclusive content access, premium networking features, or even advanced booking options for future events.

By seamlessly integrating these revenue-boosting modules into the attendee and exhibitor journey, you're not just ensuring a memorable exhibition but also maximizing every potential profit avenue.

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Building a Loyal Community Through Added Value

Cultivating Relationships, One Perk at a Time

An event's success isn't solely based on the day-of experience; it's a journey that starts from the very moment an attendee decides to be a part of it. And in today's age of digital abundance, merely providing a platform isn't enough. Instead, offering a value-rich ecosystem can set your exhibition apart.

Strategic Partnerships & Perks: Collaborate with relevant brands and services that resonate with your audience. A simple partnership can translate into exclusive discounts for your attendees. Imagine the appeal of your event when attendees know that they're not just coming for the exhibition, but they're also walking away with exclusive deals and experiences.

Commissioned Collaborations: Turn these partnerships into profitable ventures. Instead of just giving away discounts, negotiate a commission-based model for every sale or transaction stemming from your event's referral. It's a win-win: Your partners get more customers, your attendees get discounts, and you get a share of the revenue.

Engagement-driven Digital Assets: Send out digital brochures, interactive e-vouchers, and even AR-based experiences as teasers leading up to the event. The goal? To get attendees excited, talking, and most importantly, sharing. When your attendees flaunt their early-bird perks on social media, they inadvertently become brand ambassadors, amplifying the reach of your exhibition.

Feedback Loop & Referrals: Use this period to gather feedback and iterate. Offer incentives for referrals, turning your initial batch of attendees into a marketing powerhouse. Every friend or colleague they bring on board further reinforces your exhibition's stature.

Lasting Relationships: Remember, every touchpoint, every offer, every exclusive perk isn't just about the immediate value. It's about establishing your exhibition as a brand that genuinely cares about its attendees, fostering loyalty and ensuring they return year after year.

Your attendees aren't just numbers; they're a community. By weaving in value at every interaction point, you're not just hosting an event; you're building an engaged, loyal tribe eager for your next move.

Elevate Sponsor Value

Reimagining Sponsorship: Beyond Booths and Banners

In the modern exhibition landscape, mere logo placements and conventional stalls no longer suffice to allure top-tier sponsors. Sponsors are in pursuit of richer, more impactful ways to connect with the audience. With Revel Fusion, we provide an arsenal of innovative strategies and tools that allow exhibition and trade show organisers to amplify sponsor ROI while offering a compelling value proposition.

Real-time Engagement Metrics: Equip sponsors with actionable insights. From attendee footfall to interaction times, deliver real-time data that sponsors can utilize to adjust their strategies on-the-fly, maximizing their engagement and leads.

Sponsor-led Workshops & Webinars: Offer sponsors the platform to conduct in-depth sessions, sharing their expertise and products. Not only does this cement their thought leadership, but it also paves the way for deeper connections with attendees.

Tailored Push Notifications: Send out sponsor-specific offers or news directly to attendees' phones, ensuring high visibility. This personalized approach guarantees sponsors a direct line of communication to potential leads.

Gamified Sponsor Interactions: Integrate fun, interactive challenges or quizzes linked with sponsor products or services. Attendees can participate to win exclusive perks, ensuring memorable engagements and fostering brand recall.

Your sponsors are pivotal to your event's success. By offering them innovative avenues for engagement and measurable results, you not only cement their trust but also open doors for premium sponsorship packages in the future. Elevate their value, and in turn, elevate the stature of your exhibition.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Pioneering Eco-conscious Exhibitions: Transitioning from Print to Pixel

The image of attendees departing an exhibition weighed down by bags filled with pamphlets, cards, and brochures is a memory of yesteryears. Not only is this approach environmentally detrimental, but it also often leads to wasted resources as most of these materials end up unread, relegated to bins.

Embrace Revel Fusion's sustainable, tech-forward solutions that not only benefit the planet but also elevate the attendee and exhibitor experience:

Digital Media Booths: Urge exhibitors to transition from heaps of print materials to sleek, interactive digital media displays. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also ensures content is more engaging and memorable.

Trackable Digital Business Cards: Make networking more efficient and eco-friendly. Exchange digital business cards that come with the added advantage of tracking. Know who accessed, shared, or referred to your card, enabling smarter follow-ups.

Interactive Systems for Exhibitors: Provide platforms where exhibitors can readily upload their digital collateral. Attendees can then browse, download, or even schedule meetings, all without the need for a single printout.

Tailored Content Delivery: Our digital solutions empower you to discern attendee interests. Use these insights to send targeted materials, ensuring content relevancy, reducing redundancy, and, by extension, waste.

Promote Sustainability: As you adopt these green practices, ensure your attendees and exhibitors are aware. Not only does this enhance your brand's reputation, but it also motivates others in the industry to adopt similar practices.

Taking control of the exhibition's environmental footprint is not just about corporate responsibility; it's about reshaping the future of exhibitions. By offering targeted, digital-first solutions, you increase efficiency, engagement, and revenues, all while playing a pivotal role in safeguarding our planet.


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Gone are the days of confusing paper maps and aimless wandering. Our interactive venue maps guide attendees effortlessly, providing a bird's eye view of the event landscape. With real-time location services, they can find booths, stages, seminars and networking points without missing a beat, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event experience.

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