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Elevating Sponsorship Value

Sponsors aren't just check-writers; they're partners who believe in the vision of your event. The question is, are they truly getting the exposure and value they signed up for? Or, more importantly, could they be getting more?

Activating Sponsorship Early: Why wait for the event to commence? Start activating sponsorships weeks or even months in advance. Don't just limit their presence to a logo on your site; transform them into active participants in the build-up. Run sponsor-exclusive polls, competitions, and games that involve and engage the audience.

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Increasing Revenue

Many event organisers see ticket sales as the primary revenue source. But what if we told you there are untapped goldmines just waiting to be explored?

Accommodation Upsell, Exclusive Merchandise, VIP Upgrades, Pre-Order Food & Beverage are just the start, we help you see beyond the conventional, tapping into multiple revenue streams that ensure your event isn't just an event, but a thriving business entity.

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Boosting Engagement

Buying a ticket is an act of anticipation. Yet, for many, the excitement begins and ends with that purchase confirmation email. Isn't that a missed opportunity?

Imagine the weeks or even months leading up to your event not as a waiting period, but a crescendo of engagement and excitement. Dive into our solutiuons of interactive features, ranging from live polls to immersive games. Keep the buzz alive, feed the anticipation, and give attendees tangible digital experiences they can interact with, long before they step onto the event grounds.

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  • Printed itineraries
  • Rely on announcements for updates
  • Reduced Sponsorship opportunities
  • Limited data collection
  • Lower attendee engagement
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With Our Solution
  • Instant notifications
  • Live updates & changes
  • Enhance attendee engagement
  • Valuable data insights
  • Improve safety management
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