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- Engages Audience
- Improves Revenue
- Delivers Value For Sponsors
- Makes Safer Festivals
- Streamline Operations

Discover a cutting-edge technology solution tailored for today's music festivals. With Revel Fusion, you don't just organise an event; you orchestrate an eco-friendly, audience-engaging spectacle. Dive into a solution that seamlessly enhances revenue streams, amplifies sponsor visibility, fortifies festival safety, and simplifies the intricacies of operations. Transform your festival into a symphony of success.


Amplify Audience Engagement

From Purchase to Performance: Captivate, Connect, Celebrate

Buying a festival ticket is an act of anticipation. Yet, for many, the excitement begins and ends with that purchase confirmation email. Isn't that a missed opportunity?

At Revel Fusion, we view the ticket purchase as just the beginning. Imagine the weeks or even months leading up to your festival not as a waiting period, but a crescendo of engagement and excitement. Dive into our solutiuons of interactive features, ranging from live polls to immersive games. Keep the buzz alive, feed the anticipation, and give attendees tangible digital experiences they can interact with, long before they step onto the festival grounds.

With Revel Fusion, we redefine engagement. Your festival isn't just a weekend event; it's an extended journey of connection, building trust and deepening affiliation. By the time the gates open, your attendees aren't just present - they're truly, deeply engaged.

Optimise Revenue Streams

Beyond Tickets: Uncover Hidden Goldmines

Most festival organisers see ticket sales as the primary revenue source. But what if we told you there are untapped goldmines just waiting to be explored?

Accommodations Upscale: A large portion of your attendees are traveling from afar, and they're looking for places to stay. Why direct them elsewhere? Without lifting a finger, tap into affiliate partnerships or specialised systems to offer accommodation options. Not only do you provide attendees with a seamless experience, but you also earn a commission for every booking.

Exclusive Merchandise Push: Merchandising is more than just selling t-shirts at a stall. How about an exclusive “Festival Fusion Vibes” T-shirt? Limited edition, with a pressing urgency - “Once they're gone, they won't be back. Secure your piece of festival history today!”

Food & Beverage Pre-orders: Let attendees pre-order special festival-themed meals or drinks. It gives them something more to look forward to and ensures you have a steady cash flow even before the festival begins.

With Revel Fusion by your side, we help you see beyond the conventional, tapping into multiple revenue streams that ensure your festival isn't just an event, but a thriving business entity.

Festival Merchanidse

Minimise Environmental Impact

Enhancing Festival Vibes, Respecting Mother Earth

Festivals, with their magnitude, often carry a heavy carbon footprint. But what if you could curate the same festival spirit with a lighter touch on the environment?

Revel Fusion's digital tools reduce the need for extensive print materials, ensuring real-time updates and communication without the waste. Create an eco-conscious event your attendees and the planet will thank you for.

Elevate Sponsor Value

Boost Sponsorship Worth, Maximise Their Impact

Sponsors aren't just check-writers; they're partners who believe in the vision of your festival. The question is, are they truly getting the exposure and value they signed up for? Or, more importantly, could they be getting more?

At Revel Fusion, we're convinced: your sponsorships are undervalued. By integrating our tools and systems, you won't just meet sponsor expectations - you'll surpass them, potentially unlocking even greater sponsorship revenues in the future.

Activating Sponsorship Early: Why wait for the festival to commence? Start activating sponsorships weeks or even months in advance. Don't just limit their presence to a logo on your site; transform them into active participants in the build-up. Run sponsor-exclusive polls, competitions, and games that involve and engage the audience.

Exclusive Product Offers & Discounts: Collaborate with sponsors to provide exclusive festival offers, discounts, or packages. It's a win-win - your sponsors get additional exposure and your attendees get exclusive deals they can't find anywhere else.

Tailored Digital Campaigns: Let's amplify your sponsors' reach through tailored digital campaigns. Spotlight them in targeted emails, feature them in app notifications, or even create dedicated virtual spaces within the app for attendees to explore what sponsors have to offer.

With Revel Fusion, you won't just retain your sponsors - you'll turn them into enthusiastic advocates, ensuring they reap rewards and want to come back year after year.

Prioritise Festival Safety

Every Attendee's Safety, Elevating Peace of Mind

Music, lights, and the euphoria of a festival can sometimes lead to unexpected situations. The vastness of the festival landscape can be both a boon and a challenge, especially when safety is paramount.

Based on feedback from festival-goers, parents, and friends, we realised that peace of mind is invaluable. Hence, Revel Fusion proudly introduces:

Find My Friends: There's nothing more daunting than losing sight of friends amidst a sea of faces. With the 'Find My Friends' feature, festival attendees can easily share their location with chosen friends or family, ensuring they remain connected, no matter where the night takes them.

Find My Tent: The magic of a festival can sometimes leave us disoriented. With 'Find My Tent,' attendees can easily mark their tent's location, ensuring they always find their way back, no matter how late or how much fun they've had.

Emergency Alerts & Live Updates: In the event of an unforeseen incident or emergency, Revel Fusion enables organisers to send immediate, clear, and actionable alerts to attendees. These alerts, combined with live updates, ensure everyone is kept in the loop and knows the appropriate steps to take.

Safety isn't just about preventing incidents; it's about arming attendees with tools and information to navigate any situation confidently. Revel Fusion ensures that every moment at your festival is met with an underlying foundation of safety and assurance.


Seamless Operational Flow

Mastery Over Every Movement, Every Moment

The spirit of a festival is in its vibrant energy, flowing rhythms, and spontaneous moments. Yet, behind this magic lies intricate planning and coordination. The challenge? To keep everything running smoothly without missing a beat.

Real-time Crowd Insights: With our cutting-edge tools, monitor and track attendees' movements across your festival grounds. This real-time data isn't just numbers; it's actionable insights that empower you to dynamically manage crowd flow, ensuring safety and a superior attendee experience.

Dynamic Resource Allocation: Identify highly populated zones instantly and redirect security or support staff as needed. Ensure the safety and comfort of every attendee without being reactive.

Promotional Flexibility: Recognise areas with lesser footfall and instantly push promotions or artist announcements to boost attendance. Turn every potential lull into a peak experience for attendees.

Optimised Entry & Exit: Guide your attendees to the least congested gates for entry or exit, ensuring minimal wait times and a smoother festival experience.

Revel Fusion's intuitive dashboard doesn't just simplify operations; it revolutionises them. Experience a bird's-eye view of your festival and execute decisions with precision. Because with us, you're not just managing a festival, you're crafting unforgettable experiences.

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Precision is key in sports, and our real-time scheduling feature brings that same precision to your event's program. Whether it's heats, matches, or award ceremonies, attendees can effortlessly track the day's lineup.

Festival Mobile App

Navigate the event landscape with ease using our intuitive mobile app. Designed for attendee convenience, it puts the power of personalisation in the palm of their hands. From creating personalised schedules to receiving real-time notifications, our mobile app ensures that your attendees stay informed, engaged, and connected at every turn.

Event Galleries

Capture the spirit and energy of your sporting event with immersive galleries. Our platform offers attendees a vibrant showcase of high-resolution images and videos, making it easy for them to relive their favorite moments and share them with friends.

Festival Venue Maps

Gone are the days of confusing paper maps and aimless wandering. Our interactive venue maps guide attendees effortlessly, providing a bird's eye view of the event landscape. With real-time location services, they can find pitches, courts, stages, and meeting points without missing a beat, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event experience.

Customisable Forms

Capture the information that matters with customisable forms. Whether it's for registration, feedback, or live Q&A sessions, our adaptable forms fit every interaction. They're not just about gathering data—they're about opening a dialogue with attendees, making every voice heard and every detail counted.

Insights & Analytics

Our analytics enable your team to make data-driven decisions, from fine-tuning the event layout for optimal crowd movement to curating content that resonates with your audience.

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