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- Embrace Sustainability: Lower your carbon impact
- Captivate Your Crowd: Engage like never before
- Boost Your Bottom Line: Drive financial growth
- Amplify Sponsor Satisfaction: Deliver unmatched value
- Effortless Management: Streamline every operation

Step into the future of conferences with Revel Fusion. More than just event organisation, we empower you to craft an eco-conscious, audience-immersive extravaganza.

Harness the power of a solution that naturally boosts revenue, magnifies sponsor impact, reinforces conference security, and streamlines every operational detail. Turn your conference into a harmonious crescendo of triumph.


Captivate Your Crowd

Engage like never before

In the world of conferences, the difference between success and mediocrity often lies in the level of engagement. But how do you ensure that your message doesn't just reach the audience, but truly resonates with them?

From Purchase to Farewell - The Complete Experience: The journey with your audience starts much earlier than the day of the conference. The moment they decide to purchase a ticket, a new relationship is forged. To neglect the pre-event period is to miss a golden opportunity for anticipation-building and early engagement. With Revel Fusion, we ensure that every touchpoint, from ticket purchase to the last session, is a step in an immersive and transformative journey.

Expert Insights & Exclusive Content: Your roster of guest speakers isn't just a list - it's a treasure trove of industry knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. Why wait until the event day to share their brilliance? Begin offering sneak peeks, exclusive interviews, or behind-the-scenes content from these experts. This not only satiates the attendees' curiosity but also serves as powerful promotional material. By spotlighting your speakers, you amplify their influence and in turn, enhance the perceived value of your conference.

Seamless Engagement Tools: Traditional presentations relay information, but for transformative learning and understanding, you need more. Revel Fusion empowers your sessions with interactive tools like live polls, instant Q&A sessions, and real-time feedback mechanisms. This ensures attendees aren't just passive listeners; they're active contributors to the discourse.

With Revel Fusion, your conference becomes more than an event. It evolves into an experience - a harmonious blend of learning, networking, and personal growth. Make every moment count, from ticket purchase to post-conference reflections. Elevate your event into an unforgettable journey.

Embrace Sustainability

Lower Your Carbon Impact

Conferences have traditionally been substantial affairs, often characterised by massive gatherings, extensive travel, and heaps of printed materials. While they foster collaboration and innovation, their carbon footprint has increasingly become a concern for many organisers. In this era of heightened environmental consciousness, how can conference organisers take the lead in sustainable practices without compromising on the attendee experience?

Digital Swag Bags: Gone are the days of physical goodie bags filled with brochures and promotional items. With Revel Fusion, offer attendees a digital swag bag. Not only is this an eco-friendly alternative, but it allows for personalised content, ensuring your attendees receive information tailored to their interests, all while reducing waste.

Paperless Operations: From event agendas to speaker profiles, switch to an all-digital format. Revel Fusion's intuitive interface allows attendees to access all necessary information from their devices, eliminating the need for printed schedules and flyers.

Digital Networking Tools: Business cards have been a staple at conferences. However, they often end up discarded. Revel Fusion offers digital networking tools where attendees can share contact information, ensuring no paper waste and a more organised way to manage professional contacts.

Feedback & Continuous Improvement: Use digital feedback mechanisms to get insights from attendees about how you can further improve sustainability in future editions. This not only engages the audience but also helps in charting out more effective green strategies.

Embracing sustainability isn't just about reducing carbon footprints; it's about crafting an event narrative that aligns with global values. With Revel Fusion, not only do you host a conference that champions innovation and collaboration, but one that also stands as a beacon for environmental responsibility. Let your conference be the change, demonstrating that progress and sustainability can, indeed, go hand in hand.

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Amplify Sponsor Satisfaction

Deliver Unmatched Value

In the intricate tapestry of conferences, sponsors play a pivotal role. They're not just financial backers but partners who believe in your vision. Ensuring their satisfaction isn't just about ROI; it's about crafting synergies that echo shared values and aspirations. But how do you go beyond the conventional and provide unparalleled value?

Extended Visibility, Beyond the Event: Most conferences guarantee sponsors visibility during the event. With Revel Fusion, we stretch that promise both backward and forward in time. By highlighting sponsors during the anticipation-building phase and the post-conference engagement activities, we amplify their exposure, ensuring they remain top-of-mind for attendees long after the event concludes.

Data-Driven Insights for Targeted Reach: Knowledge is power. Arm your sponsors with attendee analytics, preferences, and interaction data. This facilitates more precise targeting, ensuring their messaging resonates with the right audience segments, thereby maximising their engagement and investment value.

Exclusive Content Collaborations: Co-create sessions, workshops, or content pieces with your sponsors. This not only boosts their prominence but also aligns their expertise with the conference's core theme. Such collaborations can be exclusive webinars, interviews, or even hands-on workshops that intertwine the sponsor's brand narrative with the conference's ethos.

Customisable Engagement Opportunities: Every sponsor is unique, with specific goals and aspirations. Recognising this, Revel Fusion offers customisable packages, allowing sponsors to choose and curate the kind of visibility and engagement they desire. From sponsored breakout sessions to themed networking lounges, the possibilities are endless.

With Revel Fusion, sponsors don't just find a platform; they discover a partnership. Together, create moments, memories, and milestones that elevate not just the conference, but every brand associated with it. Foster collaborations that matter, and ensure every sponsor walks away not just satisfied, but truly valued.

Boost your Bottom Line

Drive Financial Growth

Conferences are not just hubs of knowledge sharing and networking; they are, at their core, a business venture. The goal? To deliver impeccable value to attendees and stakeholders while ensuring the event is financially lucrative. So, how can you maximise your conference's revenue potential without diluting its core essence?

On-Demand Content Access: Post-conference, offer attendees the opportunity to purchase access to recorded sessions. This ensures that those who missed out on certain discussions can still reap their benefits, adding an additional revenue stream.

Exclusive Workshops: Partner with industry leaders to host specialised workshops. These in-depth sessions can be an additional charge, providing attendees with value-added experiences and boosting your income.

Affiliate Programs: Collaborate with relevant industry tools, software, or services to set up affiliate programs. By promoting these tools to your audience, you can earn a commission for every sale or sign-up made through your conference's referral.

Merchandise Sales: Capitalise on your conference's branding. From T-shirts to digital toolkits relevant to your conference's theme, there's a range of merchandise that can be offered, turning attendees into brand ambassadors.

The key to driving financial growth is to strike a balance. It's about offering enhanced value to attendees, while strategically leveraging every opportunity to boost revenue. With Revel Fusion by your side, you're equipped to transform your conference into a financial powerhouse, all while elevating the overall experience for each participant.


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Our dynamic scheduling feature ensures that attendees always have the most current information. Sessions, keynotes, and breakouts are all easily accessible, with the ability to add personal reminders and calendar integration, so no important moment is missed.

Event Galleries

Capture the spirit and energy of your conference with immersive galleries. Our platform offers attendees a vibrant showcase of high-resolution images and videos, making it easy for them to relive their favorite moments and share them with friends.

Event Mobile App

Navigate the event landscape with ease using our intuitive mobile app. Designed for attendee convenience, it puts the power of personalisation in the palm of their hands. From creating personalised schedules to receiving real-time notifications, our mobile app ensures that your attendees stay informed, engaged, and connected at every turn.

Customisable Forms

Capture the information that matters with customisable forms. Whether it's for registration, feedback, or live Q&A sessions, our adaptable forms fit every interaction. They're not just about gathering data—they're about opening a dialogue with attendees, making every voice heard and every detail counted.

Conference Maps

Gone are the days of confusing paper maps and aimless wandering. Our interactive venue maps guide attendees effortlessly, providing a bird's eye view of the event landscape. With real-time location services, they can find booths, stages, seminars and networking points without missing a beat, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event experience.

Insights & Analytics

Our analytics enable your team to make data-driven decisions, from fine-tuning the event layout for optimal crowd movement to curating content that resonates with your audience.

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